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Jiangsu Linlang Glass Co., Ltd of a Industrial Development Zone in Xuzhou eighth glass bottle manufacturers, transport facilities, roads, railways, waterways accessible, the company was founded in 1984, under the jurisdiction of supporting enterprises - cap factory, mold factory, carton plant. Our exclusive ranks of automatic production line 5, the artificial line 20 Nissan 800 000 kinds of glass bottles, more than 3,000 employees, including senior technical and vocational staff of 28 people, quality inspection staff of 15 people, product quality strictly , layers of control, high-quality products to win domestic and foreign customers, more than 30 countries, 70% of the products are exported to Japan, the United States, Russia, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Syria, Greece, Lithuania, the Philippines, Taiwan, and areas. I produced more than 5000 varieties are: honey bottles, jam bottles, pickle bottles, glass bottles of vinegar sauce, sesame oil bottles, glass bottles, beverage bottles, cans bottles, bottle fermented bean curd, seasoning glass bottles, wine bottles, health wine bottles, juice bottles, medicine bottles, coffee bottles, glass cup, glass bottles, medicine bottles, glass candle holders, glass mushroom, handle cups, cups, Liquid bottles deep processing.